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Patrick Mclaughlin

Job title: 
Oracle Fellow Security Expert
Patrick Mclaughlin
Patrick McLaughlin is an Oracle Fellow specialising in Information Security for Oracle across EMEA. He has over fifteen years experience in IT security. He is responsible for promoting Oracle's security offerings and enterprise solutions architecture, internally across the Oracle pre-sales, sales and consulting, and externally with major customers and partners across EMEA. Most recently he has been working on security for Digital. Prior to this role Patrick was CTO at Baltimore Technologies, where he was product architect for Baltimore's PKI product and cryptographic toolkits. He also had responsibility for company R&D, technology partnering and working with lead customers in government and finance. Patrick has worked as an independent consultant for several years and has extensive experience in the distributed systems and telecoms management areas, having worked for Broadcom Éireann Research and Ericsson for ten years.