This years speakers

Andreas Haggman

PhD Researcher in Cyber Security at Royal Holloway University

Andreas Haggman is a PhD student in the Centre for Doctoral Training in Cyber Security at Royal Holloway University of London. His research interests lie mostly in non-technical cyber security topics pertaining to military and government strategies and policies.

Anna Vladimirova-Kryukova

LL.M. Associate, Law Office Spridzāns

Anna Vladimirova-Kryukova has been providing legal, finance and tax advice in law and financial consultancy firms for 4 years. Anna’s areas of practice include data protection, M&A, corporate law, tax, intellectual property, banking & finance, environment, international trade, real estate and human rights. She holds the CSX certificate and is a member of ISACA.

Andreas Zingerle

Designer, conceptual media artist and researcher at Kairus

Andreas Zingerle received his PhD from the University of Linz. He is researching topics such as Internet crime, specially fraud, spam and scams, vigilante counter-movements and anti-fraud activism. He implements social engineering strategies that emerge in his research into interactive narratives, artistic installations, data visualisations and creative media competence trainings. http://www.andreaszingerle.com

Geoffrey Vaughan

Security Engineer at Security Innovation

Geoffrey is a security engineer with Security Innovation. He spends his time hacking and securing web applications, mobile apps, robots, 3D printers, infrastructure, embedded devices, and anything with a Biometric. He is passionate about security and helping others build secure products.

Jaya Baloo

CISO of KPN Telecom

Jaya Baloo the CISO of KPN Telecom in the Netherlands. She won the Cyber Security Executive of the year award in 2015. Jaya works with an amazing information security team of highly driven specialists. Working in the information security arena for the past 18 years, she has worked mostly for global telecommunications companies such as Verizon and France Telecom. Jaya is also a frequent speaker at security conferences on subjects around lawful interception, mass surveillance, and cryptography.

Jarno Limnéll

Professor of Cybersecurity in Finnish Aalto University and Adjunct Professor in Tampere University of Technology

Jarno Limnéll is the Professor of Cybersecurity in Finnish Aalto University and Adjunct Professor in Tampere University of Technology. He also works as a Vice President of Cybersecurity in Insta Group plc. He has been working with security issues more than 20 years, and he has profound understanding of the global threat landscape, combined with the courage to address the most complex issues. Prof. Limnéll holds a Doctor of Military Science degree in Strategy from the National Defense University in Finland; a Master of Social Science degree from Helsinki University; and an Officer ́s degree from the National Defense University. Mr. Limnéll has published a comprehensive list of works on security issues. His most recent book is “Cybersecurity for decision makers.” Limnéll served a long career has an officer in the Finnish Defense Forces and as worked as Director of Cybersecurity in McAfee.

Tony Gee

Senior Consultant at Pen Test Partners

Tony has been working in IT security for over 9 years both as a security consultant within Finance and at the technology provider for the world leading Oyster system in London. Tony speaks widely on computer security and highlighting vulnerabilities in smart devices.

Richard Stiennon

Chief Strategy Officer at Blancco Technology Group

Richard Stiennon joined Blancco Technology Group as Chief Strategy Officer in July 2016. In this role, he leads long-term strategic planning, product positioning, public affairs, analyst relations, joint ventures and industry partnerships. Many in the industry recognize him from his days as Vice President of Research at Gartner Inc. from 2000 to 2004, where his forward-thinking insights and questioning of the corporate status quo earned him Gartner’s Thought Leadership Award in 2003. He has also written three thought-provoking books on the alarming state of cyber war and its impact on businesses, with his most recent book, There Will Be Cyberwar, being named a Washington Post bestseller in April 2016. Considered to be one of the most prolific security thought leaders, he has spoken at over 28 data security conferences across 3 continents and is frequently quoted in news publications, including The Washington Post, New York Times, USA Today, Christian Science Monitor, Dark Reading, to name a few.

Thea Sogenbits

Head of IT and Telecommunication Department at Tallinn Polytechnic School

Thea is an ICT professional responsible for the training of future IT specialists in Estonia. She has done her master training at Tallinn University in Interaction Design and Knowledge Environments as well as MBA in IT Management. Currently she is doing research at Estonian Business School on business of cyber crime. Her research focuses on weak points of cyber crime as well as early discovery of potential loopholes. Thea has worked at the IBM, represented European YWCA in various European institutions and is currently a department head for IT and Telecommunication department at Tallinn Polytechnic School with nineteen curricula and more than eight hundred students in her department.

Finn Steglich

Senior IT Security Consultant & Live Hacker at SySS GmbH

Finn Steglich studied Computer Science and Physics at Ulm University, Germany, and is Senior IT Security Consultant at SySS GmbH since 2011. Besides his work as a penetration tester, he has performed live hackings both in Germany and abroad for many years.

Ed Schouten

Owner of Nuxi

Ed Schouten is an Open Source developer from the Netherlands. Already being a developer at the FreeBSD project for over eight years, he has worked in various projects, ranging from graphics support to compiler infrastructure.

Paul Fremantle

Researcher at University of Portsmouth

Paul Fremantle is a researcher into the security and privacy of the Internet of Things. He is particularly focussed on the identity of IoT devices. Previously Paul was CTO at WSO2, an open source software company, which he co-founded. Before WSO2 Paul was a Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM.

Varis Teivans

CERT.LV technical expert, deputy manager

Deputy manager and senior technical expert at CERT.LV Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science University of Latvia.

Baiba Kaškina

General manager CERT.LV

CERT.LV General Manager title says a lot. For many years Baiba is successfully leading Latvian National and Governmental Computer Emergency Response Team towards better results - safety of every single citizen and every single public or private enterprise of Latvia in the digital world.

Miroslav Lucinskij

CEO, Critical Security

Miroslav has more than 10 years of experience in information security field, particularily in penetration testing, application security assurance and vulnerability assessment. Co-author of "Data Security Basics" (lith. "Duomenų saugos pradmenys") book, discovered vulnerabilities in such products as Skype, VLC player (libmodplug component), Qlik-view, WD Arkeia Network Backup and others.

Peter Gubarevich

IT Training Expert, New Horizons

Peter is an experienced IT professional. He holds multiple certifications such as MCSE/MCITP, CCNA, CEH. He also conducts trainings at several universities and institutions, speaks at conferences, and is recognized as a local IT community leader. For the last 15 years, Peter's work has been focused on computer security for small business.

Tarun Samtani

Group Cyber Security Advisor at Findel Plc.

Tarun Samtani,CISSP is the Group Cyber Security Advisor for Findel Plc, Express-Gifts (multi-channel retailer) and Findel Education. Tarun holds over 15 years of experience across various sectors like Telecommunications, ISP's, Financial Services, Gambling & Retail. Tarun has worked across UK, Europe, Asia & Middle East on different assignments. He has a wealth of experience in Cyber Security and is passionate about securing business information landscape. During the course of his career Tarun has been involved in the strategy & planning, design, architecture and implementation of a significant number of enterprise security programmes. He has a passion for Cyber Security and enjoys sharing his experience. He also has a keen interest in helping out charities and non-profit board organisations fight cybercrime. His specialisations include strategy, planning through delivery of security programmes including Security Culture, Data Security and DLP & IAM programmes, . He regularly addresses global audience on these and other topics.

Arturs Filatovs

Event Moderator, Business Development Executive at Data Security Solutons

Experienced participant of development of the IT Security world in the Baltics States and Poland. For number of years is developing value added distribution business in responsible regions with great number of partner companies and with over 20 different leading names of IT Security vendors from over 10 different countries world wide.

Wulf Harder

Managing Director at QuBalt GmbH

Co-founder, Managing Director and Researcher of QuBalt(TM), Germany, a cryptography company. In the recent years, his research efforts focus on quantum and cryptanalysis secure algorithms and methods, white-box cryptography, cryptanalysis, complexity theory and SAT-solvers. Prior to co-founding QuBalt(TM), he co-founded Syncrosoft(TM), Latvia/Germany, a software copy protection provider that developed eLicenser(TM). He is the inventor of MCFACT(TM), a program code transformation method based on finite automata compositions. He co-founded whiteCryption(TM), USA/Latvia, a leading provider of code and data protection. He is co-founder and Managing Director of SoftActivation(TM), Latvia, a company for software activation methods.

Kirils Solovjovs

IT security expert, founder of 1st Ltd.

Mg. sc. comp. Kirils Solovjovs is an IT security expert and researcher. His professional experience includes working for NATO CCDCOE as an intern and the Ministry of Defence as a senior expert. Kirils has an extensive experience in network flow analysis, reverse engineering, social engineering, penetration testing, security incident investigation, and the legal dimension of cyber security and cyber defence. He has discovered and responsibly disclosed or reported multiple security vulnerabilities in information systems of both national and international significance. Co-founder of CERT.LV’s Security experts group.

Albena Spasova

President of the Management Board at International Cyber Investigation Training Academy

Albena Spasova is the President of the Management Board of the International Cybercrime Investigation Training Academy since the establishment of the Academy in 2009. She is a lecturer in Information Security and Internet Law in the e-Business Masters Program at the University of Science and Technologies in Lille, France as well as in Cambodia and Senegal and a lecturer in Digital Marketing and Social Media Program at EDHEC Business School, Lille, France; an advisor to different governments on cyber security-related issues. A lawyer with many years of experience in the area of information security – she has worked on hundreds of cybercrime cases (protection of IPR; money laundering; combating organized crime and corruption), the losses from which are calculated in millions USD. A former Director of the Law Enforcement Team of eBay in Europe and an advisor with the Council of Europe on the adoption and implementation of the Convention on Cybercrime.

Martin Edward Jarrold

Chief of International Programme Development at GVF

Martin Jarrold has worked for GVF for more than 15 years, having been appointed GVF Chief of International Programme Development in June 2001. His particular responsibilities include outreach to the member organisations of the GVF and for the further development of the profile of the Forum within the satellite communications industry, and across the global telecommunications policy and regulatory community. This extends to the development and delivery of programmes focused on extending the understanding of, and promoting the use of, satellite-based communications in various key end-user vertical markets. Mr. Jarrold is Chairman of the GVF Oil & Gas Communications Conference Series, the GVF Broadband Maritime Conference Series, as well as of GVF's Connectivity, HTS (London), and AeroConnect events. He is also contributing to the development of new events in the GVF-EMP Conference Partnership portfolio. He is also Co-Chairman of the GVF Maritime Satcom Forum. Additionally, he is a frequent contributor to various telecommunications and other industry publications, online and in print. He regularly chairs and contributes to a wide variety of telecommunications conferences, symposia, and workshops around the world. Previously, Mr. Jarrold was Commissioning Editor and Head of Research for Space Business International magazine.

Serhii Pronin

Penetration Tester at IMMUSEC

Full Stack Breaker, Application (in)Security Nerd, Bounty Hunter, Contributor and member of the OWASP Foundation

Andrzej Wojtkowiak

Security IT Specialist for Central and Eastern Europe at IBM

Andrzej Wojtkowiak is working in IBM for over 10 years. During that time, he was actively involved in many security project around Identity & Access Management, Endpoint, Infrastructure and Threat Management. For recent 5 years his main area of competence is Security Information & Event Management. He is actively participating in large security project in Central & Eastern Europe advising companies and national organizations how to detect, protect and react on different security incidents. Personally he is an enthusiast of aviation, astrophysics and funny security stories.

Vincent Toms

Cyber Security Consultant at GDI foundation

Vincent works as a cyber security consultant for the Dutch goverment. In the last 15 years he has gained extensive knowledge in advicing / providing assurance in the areas of IT Cyber Security, Governance, Risk and Control. He worked fo more than 12 years for the Ministry of Defence as IT auditor and did several postgraduate courses in the field of IT Governance, Risk and Control.

Steve Purser

Head of Core Operations Department at European Union Agency for Network and Information Security

Steve Purser was born in the UK and attended the universities of Bristol and East Anglia where he obtained a BSc. in Chemistry and a PhD in Chemical Physics respectively. He started work in 1985 in the area of software development, subsequently progressing to project management and consultancy roles. From 1993 to 2008, he occupied the role of Chief Information Security Officer for a number of financial institutions. He joined ENISA in December 2008 and is currently responsible for all operational activities of the Agency. Steve is currently a member of several Steering Boards and Advisory Committees, including notably the Steering Board of the CERT EU and the Programme Board of the EU Cyber Crime Centre. In the area of standards, he is the ENISA representative on the ISO SC 27 working group. As Head of Core Operations, he regularly represents ENISA in international conferences on information security. He was a co-founder of the 'Club de Securité des Systèmes Informatiques au Luxembourg' (CLUSSIL) and has frequently published articles in the specialised press. He is also the author of 'A Practical Guide to Managing Information Security' (Artech House, 2004).

Chris van 't Hof

Presenter, researcher and writer in ICT at TekTok

Chris van ’t Hof is an independent researcher and writer in information technology. With his background in both engineering and sociology, he analyses the interaction between human and electronic networks. His eight book came out in March 2016: “Helpful Hackers. How the Dutch do Responsible Disclosure.” His company Tek Tok organises conferences, workshops and IT security training. He also has his own talk show: Tek Tok late night.

Nicholas Sullivan

Head of Cryptography at CloudFlare

Nick Sullivan is a leading cryptography and security technologist. As Head of Cryptography at CloudFlare, a top Internet performance and security company, he is responsible for overseeing all cryptographic products and strategy. He was instrumental in building CloudFlare’s security engineering team and led major projects including as Keyless SSL and TLS 1.3. Prior to joining CloudFlare, he was a digital rights management pioneer, helping build and secure Apple’s multi-billion dollar iTunes store. He holds an MSc in Cryptography, is the author of more than a dozen computer security patents, and regularly speaks at major security conferences.

Janis Garisons

State Secretary of the MoD of Latvia

Mr Garisons is the State Secretary of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Latvia since August 2015. Before taking up this post Mr.Garisons was the Undersecretary of State –Policy Director. He has been working at the Ministry of Defence since September 2005. Being promoted for several positions, including the Deputy Director of Crises Management and Mobilisation Department, the Director of Crises Management Department, and the Policy Director, Mr Garisons has acquired notable experience and knowledge in the defence sector. Before his career in the Ministry of Defence, Mr Garisons worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Latvia from June 1996 until September 2005. Mr Garisons pursued higher education in 1990 in the University of Latvia, eventually earning a Masters’s degree in History in 1996. In 2012 he continued his studies and went to U.S. Army War College where received a Master`s degree in Strategic Studies in 2014. Additionally Mr Garisons has taken part for several training courses: Training courses for young diplomats from the CAE Clingendal Institute, Hague February-May 1996; International Training Course Geneva Centre for Security Policy form September 1998 to July 1999; Eloquent Nugget 03 in U.S. in 2003. During the course of his career he has mastered five languages – Latvian (native), English (very good), Norwegian (good), French and Russian.

Michael Capindale

Project/Programme Manager at Sigma Vadiba

An international Project/Programme Manager with a background in the military and the emergency services who has worked extensively with command and control rooms, critical communications and national security projects in Europe and the Middle East.

Sintija Deruma

CISM, President of the ISACA Latvia Chapter

Sintija Deruma, CISM, President of the ISACA Latvia Chapter, Programme Director of master’s programme in cybersecurity management at the BA School of Business and Finance (Riga). First of its type in Latvia, this full-time master’s programme concentrates on the cybersecurity management domain and combines core cybersecurity management skills with a master of business administration, and Certified Information Security Management (CISM) related curriculum tasks. BA School of Business and Finance is one of the leading, self-financed business schools in Latvia and offers qualitative, internationally competitive undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate study programmes.

Elīna Vīksne

Senior Expert, National Cyber Security Policy Coordination Section at Latvian Ministry of Defence

Elīna Vīksne has been working for the Ministry of Defence for almost 3 years. In her position at the National Cyber Security Policy Coordination Section she works on a wide range of issues on a national, regional and international level. Before joining the government Elīna worked at the Latvian Transatlantic organization, an NGO, which promotes Latvia’s membership in NATO. She holds a master’s degree in political science from the University of Latvia. Her master thesis compared cyber security development in Latvia and Estonia.

Lauris Klavins

International Business Development manager at IIZI Brokers, insurance brokers

Lauris has been in insurance business for over 11 years, and now is responsible for International Business Development in Baltic leading broker company IIZI Brokers. One of his key focus areas is Technology Professional Liability and Cyber insurance, as these products are not common in local market and have to be placed internationally. Lauris has been cooperating with insurers and brokers abroad since 2013, including Safeonline - IIZI’s preferred Tech PI and Cyber insurance provider, helping and explaining to Latvian companies how to protect their financial assets and strengthen their competitive advantage with Tech PI and Cyber insurance solutions.

David Dickson

Head of European Technology and Cyber at Safeonline LLP, insurance brokers

David leads the European technology and cyber team at Lloyd’s broker, Safeonline LLP – the largest, specialised technology and cyber insurance broker in the London market. He is experienced in placing highly technical insurance policies for European companies from a variety of industries; technology and telecoms, to legal, financial and manufacturing. David is working on a number of projects to help European companies and insurers with their insurance and risk management requirements in the run up to the implementation of the EU-wide General Data Protection Regulation, which becomes effective on the 25th May 2018.

Eugene Goncharenko

Head of Department at Bakotech

Being a head of business development for BAKOTECH’s access governance products in Baltics and the FSU countries, Eugene and his team have completed numerous IT security projects across different industries. With more than 7 years of experience working with different vendors and technologies, BAKOTECH will be happy to share their expertise in organizing effective access monitoring and management systems.

Tomasz Turek

Sales Engineer Poland&Baltics at Veeam Software

Involved with Veeam Software since 2011, he is currently responsible for presales support in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Working as a solutions architect, he specializes in data protection and data management within virtual environments based on VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V platforms, as well as utilization of cloud infrastructures for disaster recovery scenarios. Currently employed in the Polish branch of Veeam Software, he is responsible for technical support of enterprise projects, training of new and existing Veeam ProPartners and customers, and advising on the best practices in virtualized data protection, backup architecture design and disaster recovery policies.

Ian Wallace

Principle Sales Engineer EMEA at Digital Guardian

Dr. Wallace joined Digital Guardian in 2012 as a Senior Professional Services Consultant is currently the Principle Presales Engineer dedicated to supporting channel and partners in EMEA with particular focus on the DACH and EE Regions. After graduating from Kingston university in 1990 with a M.Sc. in Information Systems and a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence he has worked at a number of leading companies including Rolls Royce, Microsoft, BT, Avocent and LANDesk. Since 2005 he has specialized in IT security and technical channel enablement, and was a technical authority and trainer for the first Microsoft partner security roadshow in EMEA.

Grzegorz Pohorecki

Independent cybersecurity expert

Graduated from the Faculty of Technical Physics and Applied Mathematics of Warsaw University of Technology, in the field of computer science. His master thesis concerned cryptographic keys protocols and since then his career is related to information security (now called cybersecurity). For many years he participated in the work of ISO/IEC JTC1 SC27 (IT Security Techniques) subcommittee. He was responsible there a.o. as a project editor for the first draft of ISO/IEC 18044 - “Information Security Incident Handling”. In Poland he was responsible as translator and project editor for Polish edition of ISO/IEC TR 13335-1 (Concepts and models for information and communications technology security management). His specializations are risk analysis and risk management and information security management strategies, policies and procedures. As a technical expert he was a member of the team that prepared first government draft of Polish law on electronic signatures. He also ran large IT projects. He introduced IT security products of key European vendors (e.g. Utimaco Data Security GmbH, VASCO Data Security NV) to Poland and Eastern European countries. He cooperates closely with Polish Society for Information Security and Protection of Classified Information (KSBTiOIN). He is an author of numerous trainings and presentations during national and international events. As a member of Polish Civic Cyberdefence organization (POC) he coordinates POC participation in Cyber Europe. In his free time he is active in sports: alpine climbing, horseback riding, trail running.

Ansis Bogustovs

Event Moderator, Journalist at RadioLatvia & TV24

Will be updated soon...

Wiktor Markiewicz

Market Research Analyst at International Data Corporation (IDC)

Joining IDC in 2016, Wiktor Markiewicz researches and analyses the software and services markets in Poland As a research analyst, he helps set the research agenda and engages in strategic consulting for IT organizations. Previously, Wiktor Markiewicz worked as Senior Advisor Business Intelligence CEE for IBM.

Piotr Czopik

Security Consultant at Clico Poland

Piotr Czopik is a Security Consultant and Certified Check Point Security Instructor in professional services department at Clico Poland. He is specialized in network security. In Clico Piotr is responsible for Check Point and vulnerability management solutions.

Kristaps Felzenbergs

Senior Quality Assurance engineer at TestDevLab SIA

Kristaps is working as Senior Quality Assurance engineer specialized in the field of cybersecurity and is currently employed by TestDevLab. He started his career as a network technician and was responsible for physical network infrastructure and configuration management in Ventspils University College. Later on he was promoted and took position as DevOps. He assisted in network administration, was implementing new services and eventually fell in passion with security. From that point he focused to build his expertise in penetration testing and holds such certificates as CEH, ECSA and OSWP.

Peter Johansson

Regional Manager, Nordics and Baltics at WatchGuard

Peter Johansson has worked more than 20 years in the IT Security industry at companies like Fourleaf, SMG, Zyxel, Utimaco, Sophos, Norman and is now Managing Northern Europe and Baltic States at WatchGuard Technologies. The focus for Peter now is to help educate in the most recent threats that is fundamentally changing the threat landscape and to help the channel offer comprehensive up to date solution that are affordable for all company sizes.

Jānis Bukšs

Event Moderator, PR specialist at Bauska's Culture Centre

Jānis Bukšs has a hands-on experience as an event moderator, MC, presenter, host dealing with various types of events and occasions not only in Latvia, but also in the Baltic States. He is fluent in Latvian and English, also owns a basic conversational knowledge in Lithuanian, Russian and German.

Intars Garbovskis

Security Practice Lead at Accenture Latvia

Certified Information Systems Auditor, ISO 27001 Lead Auditor with more than 11 years of professional IT consulting, project management, information systems' auditing and ISMS implementation experience. Security Practice Lead and Information Security Lead (Delivery Centers in Latvia, Mauritius, Morocco, France, the Netherlands). Specialties: Cyber security, ISO 27001 implementation, IT Governance and project management, IS Auditing, Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery.

Martin Borrett

IBM Distinguished Engineer and CTO IBM Security Europe

Martin Borrett is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and CTO IBM Security Europe. He advises at the most senior level in clients on policy, business, technical and architectural issues associated with security. Martin leads IBM's Security Blueprint work and is co-author of the IBM Redbooks "Introducing the IBM Security Framework and IBM Security Blueprint to Realize Business-Driven Security" and "Understanding SOA Security". He is Chairman of the European IBM Security Board of Advisors, member of the Royal Society's Cybersecurity Research Steering Group, represents IBM at GFCE, is a Fellow of the British Computer Society, a Chartered Engineer (CEng) and member of the IET. Martin has a passion for sailing and has represented Great Britain; he is also a keen tennis player.

Ilpo Wilkman

Regional Manager – Nordic & Baltic

Working 16+ years in IT and past 11 years with SDDC / server and storage virtualization environments. Experience from VMware / Veeam / Sophos / DataCore and also from various HW vendors solutions. Ilpo has joined DataCore Software 5 years ago. At DataCore he is working as a Regional Manager for the Nordics & Baltics.

Janis Graubins

Chief Commercial Officer at Notakey

Janis is responsible for Client Relationships with some of the world largest retail banks. Prior to that Janis worked at Innovation Studio Unit9 with clients like McClaren and William Hill.

Laszlo Jobbagy

Regional Sales Director

Mr. Jobbagy is a seasoned Canadian professional with many years of experience in managing such world class IT and Telecommunication Companies like the Hungarian subsidiary of Oracle Corp. or Vivendi Telecom. Mr. Jobbagy was educated in Hungary and Canada and beside his business assignments he regularly held positions in various universities including teaching at University of Toronto for 12 years. Heading BalaBit’s CIS operations for the past 3 years he is also a professor at BKF University of Applied Sciences in Budapest.

Péter Soproni

Pre-Sales Engineer at Balabit

Péter Soproni works as a Pre-Sales Engineer at Balabit, mainly responsible for the UK market. Péter studied Computer Engineering and was the Head of IT in a management student organization during his university years. Prior to joining Balabit, he worked as a teaching assistant on C++ programming, held a position as a system- and network engineer, and also worked as an international IT manager in Barcelona. He believes that the demand on IT services is higher in every day life and considers IT Security a field that will always be exciting and bring new challenges to his job. Besides his professional career he loves traveling to any part of the world, playing a dynamic squash game or riding a motorcycle among the hills.

Asa Kedar

Microsoft Solutions Professional Security Global Black Belt

Asa is a cyber security expert with 15 years of experience with broad knowledge and understating of market and customer needs. Worked and experienced multiple roles, starting from a customer’s perspective, to system integrator and as a senior pre-sale consultant within multiple vendors from start-ups and up to multinational security vendors.

Sokratis K. Katsikas

Professor at Center for Cyber and Information Security, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Sokratis K. Katsikas is a Professor with the Center for Cyber and Information Security, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway, and a Professor with the Dept. of Digital Systems of the University of Piraeus, Greece. His research interests lie in the area of information and communication systems security. He has authored or co-authored more than 230 journal publications, book chapters and conference proceedings publications and he has participated in more than 60 funded national and international R&D projects in these areas. He is serving on the editorial board of several scientific journals, he has authored/edited 26 books and has served on/chaired the technical programme committee of more than 400 international scientific conferences.

Juris Kaža

Event Moderator, Journalist and a stringer for The Wall Street Journal in Latvia

Juris Kaža is a freelance journalist and a stringer for The Wall Street Journal in Latvia. He has also worked for local media writing about IT and business. In the past, he reported for the International Herald Tribune and the Christian Science Monitor from Sweden. He is a graduate of Columbia University in the US.

Ralph Van Lysebeth

Chief Commercial Officer

Ralph Van Lysebeth, former Country Director Enterprise Business at Samsung, has more than 20 years' experience in the IT market. Before Samsung, he was the Managing Director for Packard Bell Belgium, Luxemburg and Switzerland. Previous to that, he worked at Lexmark. Ralph is responsible for the national and international commercial strategy, helping enterprises move IT resources and legacy apps to the cloud with the Awingu web-based central workspace solution.

Lars Hilse

CEO at Lars Hilse Digital Strategy Consultants

Since his youth, Lars G. A. Hilse has been enticed about computers, and their endless possibilities in combination with the Internet. After his vocational training in the German insurance industry, and his specialisation in corporate and industrial risks thereafter, in 2007 he returned to pursue a career in what he was truly passionate about. Today, he is a globally recognised, independent freelance consultant for digital strategy, and has successfully managed a diverse array of projects in over 30 countries around the globe from over two dozen industry verticals. His visions, and unique concepts have created over USD $1 billion increased revenue for his clients. In the field of cyber security, he has privately funded research worth over USD $250.000. The findings resulting thereof have made him a though leader in cyber crime, cyber terrorism, and cyber warfare/defence. Amongst many other examples, his research successfully predicted the cyber-physical terrorist attack on TV5MONDE in 2015, for which he has been invited to speak about at several conferences. As a consequence, and to offer better security for corporations, he joined the Hamburg based specialist insurance brokerage Alster Insurance Brokers (AIB) in 2015 to create the first globally operating cyber-insurance brokerage with a unique concept for cyber-insurance called AIB Cyber Insurance.

Vitaly Zabiniako

Head of Product Research & Development department at ABC software Ltd.

Vitaly Zabiniako holds PhD degree in Information Technology and Computer Science from Riga Technical University. He is the head of Product Research & Development department at ABC software Ltd. His research interests lie in the fields of data mining, graph theory, security and information visualization.

Phil Zimmermann

Co-Founder & Chief Scientist Silent Circle

Philip R. Zimmermann is the creator of Pretty Good Privacy, an email encryption software package. Originally designed as a human rights tool, PGP was published for free on the Internet in 1991. PGP became the most widely used email encryption software in the world. After the government dropped its persecution case in early 1996, Zimmermann founded PGP Inc. That company was acquired by Network Associates Inc (NAI) in 1997. In 2002 PGP was acquired from NAI by a new company called PGP Corporation, where Zimmermann served as special advisor and consultant until its acquisition by Symantec in 2010. Since 2004, his focus has been on secure telephony for the Internet, developing the ZRTP protocol and creating products that use it, including Silent Phone and Zfone. Zimmermann is Co-founder of Silent Circle, a provider of secure communications services. Zimmermann has received numerous technical and humanitarian awards for his pioneering work in cryptography. In 2014 he was inducted into the Cyber Security Hall of Fame, and Foreign Policy Magazine named him one of the Leading Global Thinkers of 2014. In 2012 the Internet Society inducted him into the Internet Hall of Fame.

Peter Hedges

Senior Advisor, Cognitive Business at IBM Central & Eastern Europe

Peter has nearly 30 years’ experience in the IT industry, covering Technical, Training, Sales, Business Development, Channels and Management. Starting in Australia, he spent 16 years working across Asia, Europe & the Americas, engaging with a diverse range of commercial and government organizations. In his recent roles, Peter has had the opportunity to speak with thousands of clients about their business requirements, and how IBM’s innovation in the areas of Cloud Computing, Smart Analytics and Expert Systems are providing IBM’s clients with business value and competitive advantage. As Senior Advisor for Cognitive Business in CEE, Peter works with business leaders to explore how they too can create knowledge from data to expand their company’s expertise; uncover opportunities to reinvent their industry; and create new business models that help them outthink the market.

Michael Soukonnik

Regional Manager, Russia and Baltic States at Radware

Michael is a highly experienced executive with great knowledge in the telecommunications and data communications markets, in particular in Central &Easter Europe. Now – Regional manager for CIS and Baltic countries at Radware (Israel) – leading vendor of Attack Mitigation Systems, Server load balancing and server acceleration systems.

Reinis Zitmanis

Event Moderator, Digital Champion of Latvia

Reinis Zitmanis is a moderator of this Conference: One, He is a Digital Champion of Latvia - an Ambassador of Latvia to European Comission Digital Agenda. Two, he is a digital marketing and sales consultant for top customers in Latvia. Three, he is a media publicist, tech Editor and host of TV and Radio shows.

Arturs Cers

Event Moderator, Entepreneur

Entepreneur, event management and technology background, have worked in ITSEC VAD headTechnology

Edvinas Pranculis

Regional Sales Director Central Eastern Europe, Russia, the Caucasus & Central Asia (CEECCA) at Skybox Security

Edvinas Pranculis is a pragmatic problem solver and a critical thinker highly experienced in IT and information security and international business development. Over the last 12 years Edvinas has helped a number of customers assess risks and develop their information security programmes and has successfully developed new lines of business, penetrated new markets and ensured strong business growth for a number of local and international companies. His previous roles include Managing Director of Qualys, Regional Sales Director of Lumension and later HEAT Software. Edvinas earned his Master of Management (MM) degree in BI Norwegian School of Management and Executive School of ISM University of Management and Economics and holds CISA, CISM, CRISC and ITIL certifications.

Giedrius Liutkevicius

Product Manager at Altacom UAB

Giedrius is open minded sales professional who is passionate about IT security. Works with Bitdefender sales in Baltics for 2 years. Speaks in various security events. Likes basketball, running and Chess.

Alexei Lesnykh

Business Development Director, EMEA at DeviceLock

As Business Development Director, EMEA Alexei manages DeviceLock activities in developing business opportunities, technology partnerships and sales channel in the EMEA region. With over 20 year experience in the information security industry, he also provides DeviceLock with product management and marketing assistance, leads market and competitive analysis, presents the company at industry and partner events, as well as facilitates communications with industry analysts and investors. Prior to joining DeviceLock in 2007, he spent over seven years as Director Product Marketing and Product Manager at TrustWorks Systems B.V. Earlier he held various executive positions at ELVIS-PLUS Company, a leading Russian systems integrator and VPN software vendor. He holds a MSCS degree from Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology in Zelenograd, Russia.

Oskars Zīle

IT architect at ITnT

IT profesional with experience in developing server and network management solutions. Holds MSc in Computer Science and VmWare, FotoWare and Mikrotik certificates. Have taken part in planning and implementation of various IT infrastructure projects at goverment and enterprise level.

Story Tweedie-Yates

Head of Security Product Marketing, EMEAR at Cisco

Story is a Product Marketing Manager for the Cisco Security portfolio in the Security Business Group. In her role, she is responsible for introducing customers to Cisco’s large portfolio of security offerings, applying these offerings to verticals, market segments and the local relevant EMEAR context. She serves as a Subject Matter Expert and thought leader on Cisco Security, creating content and presentations about how Security enables digitization and innovation. Recently she has served as the Product Marketing lead for Cisco Web Security, bringing new Cloud and CASB capabilities to market for Cisco customers while pioneering a popular webinar series. Story is a Stanford graduate with a BS in Psychology. She also has an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management, speaks fluent Spanish and has done business in over 30 countries. In her time off, you will find her on a bike riding around Amsterdam or exploring underwater treasures with a scuba mask alongside her husband.

Karlis Majevskis

Chairman of the Board of IIA Latvia

Karlis Majevskis is Corporate Internal Auditor at Kesko Corporation. He also acts as Chairman of the Institute of Internal Auditors in Latvia. In his career Karlis have experienced business from different angles – from customer service specialist to IT manager. Working as an Internal Auditor in multinational company with different business lines (from retail to agriculture) for past 4 years, his scope of business knowledge got even wider. In Kesko Internal Audit department, Karlis is responsible to provide independent assurance that an organization’s risk management, governance and internal control processes are operating effectively. Karlis holds CIA (IIA’s Certified Internal Auditor) and CISA (ISACA’s Certified Information System Auditor) designations.

Timo Lohenoja

CISSP, Systems Enginee at, F5 Networks Finland & Baltics

15 years of experience in the information security field. Timo’s work history spans from radio technologies to firewalls, IPS/IDS, SIEM and Application security solutions. Lifelong mission is to make information security more understandable and easier to implement. Current passion is at application security, visibility and identity protection.

René Freingruber

IT security consultant at SEC Consult

René Freingruber has been working as a professional security consultant for SEC Consult for several years. He operates research in the fields of malware analysis, reverse engineering and exploit development. He also studies modern mitigation techniques and how they can be bypassed by attackers. In the course of that research he came across Microsofts Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit and gave various talks about the (in)security of it at conferences such as RuxCon, ToorCon, ZeroNights, DeepSec, 31C3 and NorthSec. He also presented talks about application whitelisting at CanSecWest, DeepSec, IT-SeCX, BSides Vienna, QuBit, NorthSec and Hacktivity.

Burckhardt Emons

Sales Engineer at Thycotic

I have been in the IT-industry since 1987 in various positions. Since 1999 focusing in voice, voip and data security. Seeing the nowadays the growing need for account security (especially Privileged accounts) and endpoint control I have joined recently one of the most interesting and promising company in the market segment.

Per Söderqvist

Sales Engineer Nordics and Baltics at Sophos

Per Söderqvist has worked with IT security for the last 15 years. Today he is working AS A Sales Engineer at Sophos working with Endpoint Security, Encryption, Enterprise Mobile Management and Network security. He has now been working at Sophos for over 3 years and helping partners across Nordics and Baltics with security related projects.

Anders Krus

Network and Security Expert at VMware

Anders Krus is a network and security expert from Sweden working for VMware. Prior to VMware, Anders was a senior expert trainer at Juniper training center in Stockholm for many years. Today Anders mostly spend his time working with virtualization and SDN.

Martin Korec

Head of Quality Assurance at Greycortex

Martin Korec is a Head of Quality Assurance at GREYCORTEX. Among other, Martin has been specialized in modern and advanced malware and behavioral methods of its detection. He is a regular contributor to Czech cyber security magazines.

Antonio Alvarez Romero

Project Manager R&D department at ATOS

Antonio Álvarez is Msc in Automation, Robotics and Computer Networks, and Bsc in Telecommunication Engineering, both degrees obtained at the University of Sevilla. Currently he works at the R&D department of Atos, within the Cybersecurity Laboratory, playing the role of project manager. He has worked as an IT Consultant, Network Management Engineer, University researcher and assistant teacher and for the last three years he has been involved in several R&D projects at European, National and Regional level. His main contributions are related to the projects FP7 CUMULUS and H2020 WISER, being the coordinator of the latter.

Ģirts Palejs

Security Product Manager at Clusterpoint

Girts started working with IT over 20 years ago in Telia, now combining the newest IT security and DBMS tech to make Internet safer and easier to understand.

Edgars Znots

SIRT Officer at Swedbank

Edgars is a member of Swedbank SIRT, an international team of security and incident response specialists spanning across Swedbank home market countries. As a SIRT officer, he has experience in dealing with IT risk and vulnerability assessment as well as experiencing firsthand the wide variety of cyberattacks and other IT security incidents that major banks have to face on a daily basis.

Jerzy Mrugala

R&D Engineer at Kingston Technology Europe Co LLP

Jerzy Mrugala is a Research & Development Engineer at Kingston Technology Europe. Jerzy provides 3rd level technical support for all Kingston product lines. He is also responsible for performing tasks related to company’s internal auditing procedures and R&D Lab Assets Management. Jerzy has achieved the following qualifications: NVQ in customer services, Comptia A+, Comptia Server + course, Linux fundamentals course, Network + course, Oberstuffe (Goethe Institute) certificate in German Language, Cambridge University FCE and CAE certification in English language. He can speak fluent German, Polish and Spanish and enjoys networking, football and volleyball in his free time.

Giedrius Markevicius

Territory Account Manager Baltic's

Self-motivated, creative sales and business consultant, experienced account manager. Last few years focused on consulting customers in Cloud Computing, IT management and Cyber Security area. Giedrius has experience in building complex IT solutions for biggest enterprise and Public sector accounts across Baltic's and Finland. In this journey he had a chance closely work with vendors like NetApp, HDS, SUN Microsystem, Oracle, EMC, Dell, HP, RSA, VMware, Microsoft and Check Point.

Combination of great experts



Arnis Puksts

Personal Data Protection Officer

Personal Data Protection Officer Arnis Puksts. Experience and education - Information technology, since 2000 and legal since 2005. Personal Data protection specialist status was first obtained in 2009. Since 2011, he headed the training of personal data protection specialist status candidates. In 2011, bringing together like-minded persons established Latvian Association of Certified personal data protection specialist association. Since 2014, the Association together with the DSS organizes Personal Data Protection Conference "Digital Era". On July 11, 2016 between the association and the Data State Inspectorate concluded written an agreement on cooperation, formalizing the current informal collaboration. Data protection - both work and passion.

Divs Reiznieks

Journalist, TV anchor, producer, event moderator, TV fixer (location manager)

Journalist, TV anchor, producer, event moderator, TV fixer (location manager) Specialties: International & Latvian politics, Renewable energy in Europe, Environment in Latvia, Sports

National Library of Latvia, Mūkusalas iela 3, Rīga, Latvia LV-1423