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Viktor Varga

Job title: 
Pre-Sales Engineer, BalaBit-Europe Ltd
Viktor Varga
Viktor Varga has been working for BalaBit for more than four years as a Presales Engineer. He is specialized on log management and advanced monitoring technologies, his main duty is to provide technical support for customers and partners all over the world. He acts as a technical communication bridge between customers and BalaBit's product management during PoC (Proof of Concept) projects and implementations. As part of the BalaBit Global Partner Program, Viktor is also responsible to train and certify the members of the company's Global Partner Network. He is fascinated about participating in the company's recently announced user behaviour analytics tool upcoming deployments and contributing to make it an easy-to-deploy turnkey solution for potential customers. Viktor Varga received his BSc in Electrical Engineering at Budapest University of Technology and Economics in 2011.