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Vytautas Butrimas

Job title: 
Current Adviser, Cybersecurity and IT Department, Ministry of National Defence of the Republic of Lithuania
Vytautas Butrimas has been working in information technology and security policy for over 25 years, starting from his work as a government computer specialist to his work as Vice-Minister at the Ministry of Communications and Informatics, Republic of Lithuania responsible for information society development. In 1998 Mr. Butrimas moved on to the Ministry of Defense as Policy and Planning Director where he participated in NATO membership preparations and managed a task force which prepared Lithuania’s first National Military Defense Strategy. From 2001 to 2011 Mr. Butrimas served as Deputy Director of the Communications and Information System Service (CISS) under the MoND where he oversaw taskforces which prepared the first MoND CybersecurityStrategy andcontributed to the creation of the MoND CERT. Serving from 2011-2014 as Chief MoND Adviser for Cybersecurity he was also a member of the working group that drafted the recently approved new Law on Cybersecurity. In 2007 (and again in 2012) the President of the Republic of Lithuania appointed Mr. Butrimas to the National Communications Regulatory Authority Council (RRT-Council).Mr. Butrimas has participated in cybersecurity exercises, contributed to various international reports and has published articles on cybersecurity and defense policy issues.