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Wulf Harder

Job title: 
Managing Director, QuBalt
Co-founder, Managing Director and Researcher of QuBalt(TM), Germany, a cryptography company. In the recent years, his research efforts focus on quantum and cryptanalysis secure algorithms and methods, white-box cryptography, cryptanalysis, complexity theory and SAT-solvers. Prior to co-founding QuBalt(TM), he co-founded Syncrosoft(TM), Latvia/Germany, a software copy protection provider that developed eLicenser(TM). He is the inventor of MCFACT(TM), a program code transformation method based on finite automata compositions. He co-founded whiteCryption(TM), USA/Latvia, a leading provider of code and data protection. He is co-founder and Managing Director of SoftActivation(TM), Latvia, a company for software activation methods.